Total Union

Total Union is an educational, nonprofit initiative whose mission is to unite all noble causes in the pursuit of one irrefutable  and unmistakable common goal: bringing about well-being for all beings who inhabit planet Earth.

This is how we do it.

We inform and remind humanity of its supreme, natural and inexhaustible power to create reality.


We offer alternatives that allow and encourage humanity to make a transition away from currently established harmful and unsustainable ways of living making way towards new, harmonious and prosperous ones.

  • Total Union means we are all together in this universe, but more importantly, on this planet. We all inhabit Earth. We are all inevitably sharing Earth all the time. We all come from Earth. We all depend on Earth. We all belong to Earth.
  • Total Union means that every action that each of us takes has an inevitable effect on everything and everybody on the planet, including ourselves. And this happens whether we are aware of it or not, whether we can consciously perceive it or not.
  • Total Union means that there’s no away; it’s all here always. And what we put out, we get back, not some time in the future, but rather immediately now. Anything we give – whether notion, emotion or action – we give to ourselves. We get what we give right away. 
  • Total Union means that we have collectively created the reality we are experiencing now. We, individually, with each of our personal actions, constantly create present reality.
  • Total Union means that, although individually we may live on different parts of the planet, experiencing different situations, we all are part of the same reality.
  • Total Union means that each and every one of us is a small detail of a very big picture. Nevertheless, every small detail is important and makes all the difference. If even just one of us changes, the whole picture changes. Therefor, because change is inevitable, we must have a clear vision of the picture we want to create. Otherwise, a random and most likely undesirable picture is created against our will. 
  • Total Union means that by focusing together on a specific goal, we unfailingly achieve that goal. 
  • Total Union means that if we all focus on the same paramount and sublime vision, we will inevitably and rapidly make it happen.

Together we have created the alarming and distressing reality we are experiencing today by having collectively, throughout millennia, invested our energy in notions, emotions and actions that hinder our well-being.

Let’s let our supreme, natural and inevitable state of Total Union work for us rather than against us. Let’s change our archaic and harmful habits. Let’s stop focusing on goals that hurt us. Let’s help each other awaken and head towards a brighter future. Let’s strive together in harmony towards attaining true well-being for all. Because only when we all are well, will we all be well. It’s the only way  

See what you can do now and what others are doing already to help achieve this vision of a better world.