What You Can Do

  • Practice and promote habitual meditation
  • Eat healthy vegan food exclusively and encourage others to do so as well.
  • Avoid recreational consumerism at all costs. Drastically reduce purchasing new items. Try to repair what breaks instead of throwing it away. Preferably buy what you need or want used or obtain it for free.
  • Barter and/or offer expertise, labor and talent for free rather than for money. In other words, as often as possible volunteer what you’re good at and enjoy doing. This will foster the spirit of giving and appreciation in your community.
  • Speak out about and protest against issues and undesirable conditions. This prevents us from becoming numb and desensitized to hardship, injustice  and suffering and gives us strength and hope to carry on.
  • Grow fruits and vegetables anywhere possible.
  • Create and/or join communities of people who also want to improve living conditions for all inhabitants of planet Earth.