Imagine a world without:

Abuse, addiction, anxiety, apathy, assassination, borders, brutality, bullying, cheating, crime, corruption, cruelty, debt, deception, depression, despair, destruction, discord, disease, enemies, exploitation, extortion, fear, greed, illness, inflation, homelessness, hunger, hurry, jails, loneliness, loss, lying, malice, mistrust, mortgage, murder, pollution, poverty, pressure, prisons, prostitution, racism, rape, rent, robbery, slavery, stress, suffering, taxes, theft, torture, violence, war, worry.

Imagine a world with ultra-advanced, ecologically-harmonious technology for:

Agriculture, communication, energy generation, information sharing, infrastructure development and maintenance, transport and travel, as well as any other necessities and noble desires that humans may have.

Imagine a world where all human beings may:

Have unlimited free time to fully develop our tremendous potential in order to be able to live blissful, fulfilling and peaceful lives uninterruptedly and indefinitely.

The wonderful world described above is possible if we all act together doing what is necessary to make it happen.